Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast

What's Happening in Nola!

Painting the City of New Orleans

The Grand Victorian enjoyed featuring Marina’s Watercolors for an art show in the parlor of the house. The local artist exemplifies the vibrancy and excitement of the Big Easy through captivating colors. Her delicate and tactful strokes of her watercolor palette offer an interesting perspective of New Orleans landscape and architecture.



Permanently featured in the Grand Victorian, Marina has painted an exquisite rendition of the B&B. The Grand Victorian embodies St. Charles Avenue historic Victorian homes that visitors love to view while riding the streetcar.



Built in 1893, the famous New Orleans architect Thomas Sully designed the Grand Victorian as a residential home, along with about 35 other homes along St. Charles, and New Orleans’ first skyscraper. The house follows the European-influenced Queen-Anne style, like many architectural paintings Marina exhibits.





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