Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast

What's Happening in Nola!

Lights! Camera! Action! Only in New Orleans!

New Orleans is both a premier destination for tourists and for the stars. There’s always a camera filming the action New Orleans has to offer. From HBO’s drama series Treme, which follows New Orleans after Katrina, to the story of Disney’s newest princess, Tiana, in Princess and the Frog, every type of story has been told with New Orleans’ rich culture.


Around the corner from the Grand Victorian is the famous house featured in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The inn offers the ideal package to allow you to relax and experience New Orleans at its finest. For three nights, pamper yourself dining at the famous Commander’s Palace, walk through the Garden District where you can witness the Benjamin Button mansion, and ride all day long on New Orleans streetcar. All this and memories that will last a lifetime can be yours when booking at the Grand Victorian.


The Big Easy always puts on a production for everyone who visits. Whether you want to live like the cast of the Real World: New Orleans who loved to hang out at the Boot or catch a glimpse of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as they film 21 Jump Street, star in your own film with the help of New Orleans.

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