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Goop Goes New Orleans!

In Gwenyth Paltrow’s blogosphere of suggestions on places to go, things to see, and things to enhance your life, she shares her guest editor’s favorite places to go while he’s in the Big Easy. Michael Stipe, the frontman of the band R.E.M., exposes some of New Orleans treasured hotspots. That isn’t to say that Paltrow doesn’t have a spot for New Orleans in her heart. She admits her connection with the city since both her father and brother attended Tulane University in Uptown.

His suggestions range from Downtown bars, to Uptown restaurants, and historic places the city has to offer. Only blocks away from the Grand Victorian, Stipe suggests dining at Magazine Street’s Lilette. The modern French-inspired restaurant exemplifies the French influence New Orleans still has since it was colonized. He also reminisces of his grandma’s vacations from Hattiesburg, Mississippi to New Orleans and listening to the city’s best jazz at Saenger Theatre. Lucky for him, Stipe and his band members were honored to play at the venue.

With over 1,000 restaurants and 200 bars and nightclubs, there is never a dull moment in the Big Easy. You’re certain to find a place that fits you and we’re always able to help with suggestions. While visiting, you and your loved ones are always welcome to call the Grand Victorian home.



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