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Get Your Green on for St. Patrick’s Day in the Garden District!

In the city that celebrates, it won’t be too long before the beat of  drums and marching feet resonate on the streets with more parades and celebrations. There are several St. Patrick’s Day parades that feature walking groups dressed in costumes of green who give out flowers, beads, and kisses[…]

New Orleans Has the I’s of March

Not too long after the last bead has fallen from the trees (just kidding, they stay there year round), the streets heat up again with the beat of drums and marching feet. More celebrations and parades await the rested reveler in the city that celebrates. Irish: The St. Patrick’s Day[…]

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2011

Missing out on all of the Mardi Gras parades? Get a taste of the excitement going on now in New Orleans during the Irish Channel Parade. Hosted by the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club, this parade captures the essence of festival and celebration in New Orleans. As the parade[…]

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