Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast

Travel Tips

Top 5 Myths about Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast or a New Orleans hotel? That is the question. Is more travel on your New Year’s Resolution list?  This year, add trying a Bed and Breakfast to your travels!  You might have considered skipping the bed and breakfast experience because you think it’s not for you.[…]

Are You a B&B First Timer? Discover our Bed and Breakfast

The Better Way To Stay, a website that helps travelers discover today’s inns and the B&B experience, has a new article, “To B or not to B&B” with helpful tips to help you decide when a Bed and Breakfast is the right choice for you! Reasons to stay at a[…]

Trusting Trip Advisor for your Travel Destination

  Well, if you haven’t checked off New Orleans as a vacation destination, it’s time you prioritize it to the top of your list! You may think we, at the Grand Victorian, are biased, but the number one forum site for travelers,, agrees. Topping New York City (ranked #6)[…]

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